Christoph Fey

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Telephone +49.30.288763-33          Fax +49.30.288763-44

Copyright and media law (TV, film and entertainment)

  • Advising on all elements of developing, financing, producing and exploiting films and programme formats – from rights clearance through negotiating and drafting agreements to pursuing infringers
  • Supporting artists, authors, directors, performers, actors, agents, production companies, broadcasting companies, and distribution companies in relation to all copyright, licensing and media law issues
  • Acting for national and international media companies
  • Liability avoidance for companies
  • Advising companies on issues of avoiding liability in the development of innovative business ideas in the media industry
  • Mediation as a settlement procedure
  • Advising, negotiating and mediating in alternative dispute resolution procedures to settle media industry disputes out of court


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Foreign languages

  • English



  • Studies in Political Sciences at the University of Heidelberg
  • Legal studies at the University of Heidelberg
  • Practical legal training, State of Baden-Württemberg
  • Further studies in mediation and business mediation at the German Academic Institute for Rhetoric und Mediation
  • Since 2001: Attorney (Rechtsanwalt)
  • From 2002 to 2005: Managing Director of FRAPA - the Format Recognition and Protection Association
  • Since  2008: Director of Studies of the Entertainment Master Class
  • Since 2010: Managing partner of the Entertainment Master Class GmbH



  • Trading TV Formats (European Broadcasting Union, Geneva 2007)
  • Im Zweifel für einen Vermittler (When in doubt, use a mediator) (in: Rhetorik, C.F. Müller Verlag, Heidelberg 2006)
  • The Global Trade in Television Formats (Screen Digest, London 2005)
  • Lectures and presentations
  • Entertainment Master Class
  • Erich Pommer Institute for Media Law, the Media Business and Media Research
  • ETMA European Television and Media Management Academy
  • Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg, Interactive Media Course
  • University of Film, Babelsberg
  • IFS Internationale Film School, Cologne, International Producing
  • The Pixel Lab, Power to the Pixel



  • International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
  • International Association of Entertainment Lawyers

Board of Governors of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership