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Copyright and media law (TV, film and entertainment)

  • Comprehensive advice on national and international film projects (cinema and TV) in all matters relating to rights clearance, development, structuring, financing (equity capital, loan capital, public sector funding), insurance, production and exploitation. A particular strength lies in motion picture funding.
  • Clients, both German and international, include leading German and international production and distribution companies, film studios, service providers, television channels, banks, financiers, and the Filmförderung Hamburg (Hamburg Motion Picture Fund)
  • Comprehensive advice to prominent actors, entertainers and directors.


Structured finance in the field of intangible assets

  • Transaction support, contractual arrangements and provision of security in the context of project financing (film and TV) and corporate finance (IP, finance)


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Foreign languages

  • English



  • Studies in political science, history and philosophy in Munich
  • Legal studies in Munich and Berlin
  • 1985 First State Law Examination, Free University of Berlin
  • 1988 Second State Law Examination, Court of Appeal, Berlin
  • 1988 - 1990 engaged as an Attorney in Berlin und Hamburg
  • 1990 co-founder of  UNVERZAGT VON HAVE



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  • "Urheberrecht für Filmschaffende" (Copyright law for film professionals), Verlag Medien und Recht (ed.: Stefan Haupt), Munich 2008
  • "Der Künstler und sein Recht" (The artist and his rights), C.H. Beck Verlag, 3. edition, Munich 2014
  • Filmförderungsgesetz Kommentar (Commentary on the Film Funding Act), C.H. Beck Verlag, 1st edition, Munich 2005
  • "Filmfinanzierung und Filmförderung" (Motion picture financing and motion picture funding), in: Handbuch des Film- und Fernseh-Rechts (The Handbook of Film and Television Law), (eds.: von Hartlieb/Schwarz), 4th edition, Munich 2004
  • "Statutory Protection of Television Show Formats", (1997) Entertainment Law Review
  • "Das Recht der Internationalen Co-Produktion" (The Law of International Co-Productions) in Handbuch Kultur und Recht (The Handbook of Culture and Law) 1994 (eds.: Unverzagt/Röckrath)
  • von Have/Eickmeier: "Der gesetzliche Rechtsschutz von Fernsehshow-Formaten" (The Statutory Protection of Television Show Formats), Zeitschrift für Urheber- und Medienrecht (ZUM) (Journal of Copyright and Media Law) 1994
  • von Have/Pense: "Filmfonds in Recht und Praxis" (Motion Picture Funds in Law and Practice), Zeitschrift für Urheber- und Medienrecht (ZUM) (Journal of Copyright and Media Law) 1994


Teaching posts and lectures 

  • Hamburg Media School (http://www.hamburgmediaschool.com/kreative-koepfe/dozenten/dozenten/von-have-harro/)
  • Erich Pommer Institute, Potsdam-Babelsberg
  • Film & Recht (Film & Law), in collaboration with the  Motion Picture Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein